Remote Mental Health Recovery Instruction, Support & Wellbeing from Your Home

Providers of online, app, workshop and residential mental health services since 1997.

Over 30 million people helped with our programs and resources.
No matter where you are, how old you are, we provide:
Day one access to Psychotherapy, Psychology & Life-Coaching for Anxiety Disorders & Depression all from the comfort of your home.

The Lowest Fees in Professional Mental Health Services.
The Oldest Provider of Online, Email & Phone Mental Health Services.
The Highest Recovery Rates in Mental Health Practice.

The most accessible mental health support available

Support, reassurance & Guidance when YOU need it


Simple, constant and accessible. Our team are available around the clock via email and phone from 9am till 5pm weekdays.


At our centre or via Skype or ZOOM online. Our Specialists have unmatched knowledge and experience and ready to help you to recover.


Held at our Training Centre, our team will talk you through the fastest and most efficient way to overcome your issues - Drug free!


Since 2009 our Residential programmes have been used by thousands of people from around the world with unique results.

Meet Some of our Recovery Specialists

Our entire team of experienced mental health specialists and wellbeing professionals are here to help you.

Our team comprises of some of the world's most qualified, experienced and inspiring mental health practitioners. All of our team have first-hand knowledge of mental health issues; they have helped hundreds of thousands of people to find true recovery. Here are some of our senior Practitioners. You can pick up the phone and speak to the team right now.
No appointment necessary! They're there when YOU need them.

Jenny Brooks - BPS


Jenny is lead psychologist and educator at Linden Tree. Jenny is also lead educator for the Anxiety Recovery Residential programmes.

Kathy Donovan - MBACP

Counselling Psychotherapist

Kathy is one of our senior Specialists with three decades of experience in mental health and recovery practice.  

Sheila Darley- MBACP

Counselling Psychotherapist

Sheila is also one of our senior Specialists with over three decades experience in mental health and recovery practice.

Jackie Anderson - MBACP

Counselling Psychotherapist

Jackie is our residential programs host and a long standing member of the team with over 20 years experience.

True Life-Savers...

"Linden Tree's team changed my life after years of torment at the hands of phobias, obsessive thoughts and panic attacks. I can't recommend them highly enough. They are such amazing people. True life-savers.

Laura Taft. London

Conditions We Treat

generalized Anxiety

Pure O




Panic Attacks

Eating Disorders






Health Anxiety


Stress Recovery


School Phobia

Fear of Dying

Couples Counselling

Bullying Issues

We understand how you feel and how to change it!

You will be given practical guidance based on the core science of the emotions and over two decades of recovery practice experience in order to quickly change your emotional responses and deal with the practical issues around your condition with strength and confidence. We will assist you in every aspect of achieving recovery no matter what your circumstances or challenges.

We help people with physical and learning disabilities, people with life-limiting and life-shortening illnesses. Regardless of addictions, phobias, obsessions, religious convictions, sexuality or any other social, mental or physical issues, we are here to guide and support our patients in every way possible.

Our focus is on RECOVERY so repeat sessions are unnecessary...
...BUT, we are here when you need us until you no longer do!

Never thought I could feel like this...

"Since I was 17 I have suffered with OCD, eating disorder, panic attacks and health anxiety. Four months ago, my mum signed me up for Linden's treatment service. At fist I thought it seemed too easy but within days I was completely changed. The team are amazing and their support is second to none. I genuinely never thought I could feel like this again. CBT, counselling and medication made no difference but this did!

Janette Harrison. Worcestershire

Medication free and happy again...

"My daughter went through CAMHS, CBT, hypnotherapy, medication and counselling only to end up in residential care. We heard about Linden through a friend and went to the centre for one session. I left there with a new daughter. There was some work to be done over the next days but on leaving, she was transformed from the withdrawn, anxious, self-harming, depressed and terrified girl she was, into the girl I had previously known. I cannot thank Linden Tree enough. "

C. Cox. Hertfordshire

Talking therapy, counselling & medication failed me...

"I had years of CBT, counselling and medication and if anything, I felt worse. My medication was increased constantly and the talking therapies made no sense. After every session, I just felt more focused on my anxiety and symptoms and I would go home feeling frustrated and often like I was losing my mind. Linden Tree took that away immediately. No more focusing on anxiety, no more endless talking - just common sense techniques that worked immediately and support like no other from the most amazing people. It works. Just do it. You won't regret it."

Mark Lawrence. Worcestershire

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What we offer

Our provisions are unique, seamless and the most cost-effective direct access support and guidance from qualified, experienced recovery practitioners.

We don't just provide friendly chats or delve into your past looking for blame... we focus on the future, on recovery and on the practical steps you can take to feel better fast.

We don't use 'face-your-fear' tactics or deep analysis for example, our guidance is enjoyable, inspiring,
positive and engaging.


We use evidence based techniques that are unique to our therapeutic model.

Unmatched recovery outcomes are generated through constant monitoring of efficacy (data using GAD7) and the sciences of neurology and psycho-physiology, combined with clinical expertise and working with clients to deliver and evolve our treatment, resources and delivery of our unique, seamless recovery provisions.

Guided Self-Help - Plus lifetime access to our Recovery Portal- Unlimited Support for 12 months
1 Payment of £179

What does this include?

We will provide you with resources, materials, tutorials and online seminars to guide you, support you and bring about recovery from your condition. You will receive a raft of wonderful, simple to access and use materials like you have never seen before. All support is by qualified ex sufferers who know what it is to suffer, but also know how to create recovery.

  • Online access to our mobile enabled Recovery Portal

  • Constant 'no booking required' support from our team

  • Constantly updated inspirational & instructional videos

Recovery Workshops - Plus Lifetime access to our Recovery Portal - Unlimited Support for up to 1 Yr
Fee - Please contact us

Our one day recovery workshops equip you for recovery.

You will learn exactly what to do to quickly erase anxiety disorders and return to full function.

You will be taught why you suffer and how to switch off anxiety, panic, phobias, obsessions and low mood with fast and life-long results. Food, drinks and snacks supplied throughout the day.

  • 1 Day on-site course with full access to our Recovery Portal

  • Constant 'no booking required' support from our team

  • Constantly updated inspirational & instructional videos

Skype Recovery Sessions - Plus Lifetime access to our Recovery Portal - Unlimited Support for up to 1 Year 
£40 per 1 hr session. £140 for 3 x 1 Hr sessions

Remote counselling when you need it

Skype is accessible and simple to use. You can video or audio chat through Skype to our team at a mutually agreeable time. Bookings are made in advance . You also receive access to our Recovery Portal and ongoing online and email support.

  • Online access to our mobile enabled Recovery Portal

  • Skype sessions with our qualified Specialists

  • Constantly updated inspirational & instructional videos

Face-to-Face Recovery Sessions - Plus lifetime access to our Recovery Portal - Unlimited Support 1 Year
£40 per 1 hr session. £140 for 3 x 1 Hr sessions

Come to our Worcestershire
Treatment centre

Our centre has been designed 'fit-for-purpose'.
It is comfortable, inviting and provides all of the facilities for individuals, couples, families and groups to benefit from our experience and knowledge.

Please contact us for more information.

  • Single sessions

  • Couples sessions

  • Group sessions

4 Day Residential Recovery - Plus Lifetime access - Unlimited Support for up to 12 months
Fee - Please contact us

Attend alone or bring a guest, friend or loved one.

You will be immersed in the recovery process as our team support and guide you to recovery. You will receive all tuition, guidance, support and materials in addition to an amazing experience and classes at the venue. You may attend alone or with a guest. Children are also welcome to attend with you but they must be accompanied by a second adult.

  • 4 days at our amazing Anxiety Recovery Retreat venue

  • All Recovery Classes and treatments of choice

  • Constant ongoing guidance from our team post Retreat

Always at the end of a phone or email waiting to help you

Schools, Universities, Forces, NHS, Emergency Services & Corporate

Schools - Universities - Forces - NHS - Emergency Services - Corporate - Bespoke programmes of recognition, prevention and recovery
Contact us for more information

Since 1997 - Complete recovery solutions

Our programmes change lives. Caught before they start, anxiety disorders and other mental health issues can be prevented. In the event of a pre-existing condition we can intervene day one in the facility.

  • On site practitioners in your facility

  • Immediate access to all resources and support

  • Online, face-to-face, workshop and residential recovery


0800 069 9898

14 year old Hollie on her fast recovery

Some Well known clients speak out

Miranda Hart On Our Childhood Anxiety Programme

Linda Robson Talking About Our Programme

Our Residential Anxiety Recovery Retreats

Our 4 day residential recovery retreat is held at Puckrup Manor in Gloucestershire twice monthly.

Since 2008, our Retreats have become world renowned for their exceptional quality and outcomes.

Retreat places are limited, so please act soon to avoid disappointment or wait times.

For more information, please email or call Beth on 01562 702702

Our Accreditations and Team Qualifications






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